Great Minds

Clusterfuck at the Grain Elevator

After the disaster that was the investigation of the Federal Hill murder scene, the party was tipped off about another murder at a location the police haven’t been made wise to yet. after some arguing the group decides to investigate despite Raven and Blister being unreachable.

The trip to the grain elevator is uneventful, the only problem arising when they have to climb a fence to get out onto the pier. Wyatt falls into the bay and needs the help of maggie the child to magically pull him up 20 ft back from the water.

once in the darkened elevator, Malcolm stumbles onto the corpse qite literally making a mess and causing Wyatt to Frenzy.

Wyatt annihilates the crime scene until maggie again levitates him for the safety off others while Malcolm soothes the savage beast.

once the scene settles down they realize that they have been surrounded on the rooftops by groups of vampires dressed like wankers from the 90s. a scan of their auras show them to be some fom of idealists.

Finally Maggie puts together that the victimes have shared a name and birthdate with the victims of Jack the Ripper after the players carefully leave the pier.



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