Wyatt Sligo

Graffiti Artist, and apparently discount bodyguard. The only thing he is really good at is making people angry. Especially the people you don't want to see angry

Name: Wyatt Sligo. concept: Violent Graffiti artist Clan – Redacted
Nature: Conniver. Demeanor: Thrill Seeker. Generation 7
Strength:2 Charisma:4 Perception:3
Dexterity:2 Manipulation:3 Intelligence:2
Stamina:2 Appearance:3 Wits:3
Talents. Skills. Knowledges.
Alertness:2 Crafts:2 Academics:1
Brawl:2 Drive:1. Computer:2
Dodge:1 Etiquette:3 Politics:2
expression:3 Firearms:1. Occult:2
Intimidation:3 Melee:1
Leadership: 2 Stealth:1

Disciplines. Redacted: 4

Backgrounds. Virtues
Mentor 1 Conscience 2
Contacts 2 Self-Control 5
Resources 3 Courage 4
Generation 6

Humanity 7
Willpower 4/5

Blood pool 4/20

Merits. Flaws
|Enchanting Voice (2 pt)
Rival sires(2 pt) Toreador Elder
Redacted (2 pts)
| | Redacted (Clan Weakness)|

Xp total(41)
available 12
telescoping baton Str+3 bashing


Born to an affluent and politically active Potomac family, Wyatt quickly established himself as a ‘rebel’ by adopting the trappings of any serious counterculture that would come along, while never abandoning his core ideals of selfishness and self aggrandizement.

Wyatt Sligo

Great Minds unstablist