Great Minds

Clusterfuck at Mary Jane's Apartment

Raven comes home to a trashed apartment, Maggie awakes from her hole(she buied herself after the werewolf attack to sleep through the day) to find herself surrounded by outfits that fit her and mounted on sticks. Judiciously use of auspex and Elemental Magic Maggie finds out that the person who planted the sticks was ahppy, and that there is still a presence nearby.

Maggie is surprised to find a crate behind her where there wasn’t one moments before. Inside is the head of the Get of Fenris werewolf, a bow tied around it’s head. She then flees to the city by air.

Wyatt uses Eyes of Chaos to discern the patterns in the workings around town, he did not sleep the day before.The Revelation

ere you go…. took you all night and it just not hits you all at once.
You get the Inconnu. They stopped Jack and are most likely watching you.
Jack the Ripper and he is a vampire.
He was staked in White Chapel and put into stone box made on 300bc and sunk in the ocean. His followers have been looking for him ever since.
The Ritual he is trying to finish is the same that he researched and started in Europe, 115 years ago. Sure, it doesn’t take that long to finish it, but he got staked before he could complete the Final Rite. The Ritual is name the Rite of the Flesh, and similarly name ghastly alterations, and is among other things rumored to lower the `caster’s’ Generation by one for each `sacrifice’ rite you perform and allow them in the sun light for short amounts of time. The rites are very exact, very complicated, and all evil- being of the Dark Blood Thamaturgy school of thought.
The Ritual has though to have sprung up from an ancient Death Cult that worshipped a great undying lord that had great powers and drank the essence of their enemies. Guesses towards the Baali and Settite clans are probably not far off, but more generically to their ancestors rather then the current sects.
He can only be stopped by staking him again and placing him back in the box or destroying his body.

The Coterie gather at elysium, Maggie reveals that she was not the one to kill the werewolf, and the events of the evening. The group crowds into Drakes Pickup Truck and drives to the apartment and workplace of Mary Jane Kelly. We pick up gasoline to torch the body once we find Jack. Nicholas conks out the doorman, Malcolm makes sure that the doorman is ok and we get in the elevator. At floor 13(of 16/P) the elevator stops, and Nicholas opens the door and hatch to investigate, only to be surrounded by the Keanu Reeves wannabe wankers.

At this point we are unsure if we are going to save Mary Jane, or Kill her ourselves to subvert the ritual.

Wyatt: I say we go to the penthouse, burn us some Mary Jane, and just Chill

Wyatt asks who they are, trying to be polite, and one of the wankers uses Horrid Reality to make Wyatt believe he is completely on fire, so he stops drops and rolls while having a backpack with a magic stake and gasoline can.


Nicholas takes an arrow through the left shoulder, Drake Closes the hatch, Nicholas opens fire through the ceiling, Malcolm pulls the backpack off saving the coterie from a horrid fireball.

Raven uses Mask Empathy to make half of our attackers belief that they have somewhere much more important to go. Maggie uses Movement of the Mind to hold the sword in place.

Tentacles start pouring through the bullet holes Nicholas Made, 4 total, Nicholas promptly drops his guns, draws a sword and cuts one of the tentacles off

Maggie pulls down on the sword, causing its wielder to fall into the elevator, Malcolm crawls out of the elevator using celerity to use Dread Gaze on the first target he sees.crawling out of the elevator, he is ambushed and his power rolls against diff 10

Raven again uses Mask Empathy with no luck this time. Malcolm gets shot through the neck. Another crusader falls in and whacks Nicholas with an axe

Drake attacks a guy, does nothing, Wyatt knocks MAggie and Drake over, and rolls over MAggie who begins holding him still with MoM. Assamite who serves as the Inconnu’s plan B, slays the crusader vampires attacking us and we are given the chance to head to her apartment. after hacking her computer She was going on a date with a man named “Sebastian” who is definitely Jack. It is 10:30, the date was supposed to be Dinner and a visit to a museum. The Walter’s Museum happens to have a travelling exhibit of famous serial killer paraphenelia.

That is where we will find them as the session ends.

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Clusterfuck at the Grain Elevator

After the disaster that was the investigation of the Federal Hill murder scene, the party was tipped off about another murder at a location the police haven’t been made wise to yet. after some arguing the group decides to investigate despite Raven and Blister being unreachable.

The trip to the grain elevator is uneventful, the only problem arising when they have to climb a fence to get out onto the pier. Wyatt falls into the bay and needs the help of maggie the child to magically pull him up 20 ft back from the water.

once in the darkened elevator, Malcolm stumbles onto the corpse qite literally making a mess and causing Wyatt to Frenzy.

Wyatt annihilates the crime scene until maggie again levitates him for the safety off others while Malcolm soothes the savage beast.

once the scene settles down they realize that they have been surrounded on the rooftops by groups of vampires dressed like wankers from the 90s. a scan of their auras show them to be some fom of idealists.

Finally Maggie puts together that the victimes have shared a name and birthdate with the victims of Jack the Ripper after the players carefully leave the pier.


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